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1 and 1/2 cup pasta shaped into small rectangles. You can aslo use home made noodles.

Home made noodles:

300 g flour
2 small eggs
about 30-50 ml water
half of the spoon of salt

Lasagne cabbage

bacon - 100g
onion - 70 g
one medium or small cabbage (or can of sour kraut)
cumin, salt and pepper to taste

Directions (Noodles):
Sieve the flour. Mix flour with eggs, salt and water in the bowl. Made a dough with hands until firm. Make sure it is not too sticky and not too dry. Divide into 2-4 parts and roll each piece into a thin sheet on a floured board (see the picture of the dough in the recipe for chrust). Leave on the clean towel sprinkled with flour until the dough would dry out a bit. After the thin pieces are dried roll it and cut with the knife into the pieces the size of lasagne noodles.
Pour into the boiled salted water and cook until soft.

Instead of preparing the home-made noodles you can buy lasagne noodles or homemade style wide noodles. But - the noodles made at home are the best!

Directions (Lasagne cabbage):

Cut the bacon into slices and pour into the hot pan. Add onion sliced into small cubes. Wash and cut fresh green cabbage into the slices of the width a bit wider than lasagne noodles. Add cabbage into the pan with melted bacon and onion, add some water. Steam in the open pot, add cumin, pepper and salt. Finally add the cooked pasta, mix it well…Lazanki are ready to eat!















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