Potato dumplings (Pyzy kartoflane/Pyzy. Raw-grated & mashed type)

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4 lbs peeled potatoes

4-5 tbsp flour

1 T potato starch (optional)

1 egg

Salt & pepper to taste


Put a large pot of salted water on to boil. Separately, cook 1.5 lbs peeled, cubed potatoes in salted water to cover until tender (about 20 min). Drain well, mash thorough and set aside. Separately, grate 2.5 lbs peeled potatoes with hand-held grater or in food processor. Transfer to sieve lined with two layers of cheesecloth, and let drip into a bowl. Twist cheesecloth into a ball to extract as much moisture as possible. Combine the cooled mashed potatoes with the grated raw potatoes. Pour off dark liquid from top of potato drippings and add the white sediment (pure starch) at bottom to potato mixture. Add 4-5 T flour, 1 T potato starch (optional) and 1 egg and work into a uniform dough. Salt & pepper to taste. Take spoonfuls of dough and roll into balls between floured palms and cook in the boiling water. When they all float, cook another min. Transfer to colander to drip dry, rinse with lukewarm water and drip dry. Serve as a meal in themselves, garnished with fried bacon or fatback nuggets (skwarki) and/or browned chopped onions or as an accompaniment to stews and meat in gravy dishes.





Potato dumplings




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