Cheese Crepes (Nalesniki z serem)

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 Cheese crepes



So, yes, it is a crepe, and everybody and their mother (especially in northeastern hemisphere) claim it to be theirs, so I will leave that part alone, but the ones stuffed with white cheese? That is a polish twist ladies and gents and with that being said I mean- they are definitely polish :)

Okay, so here it is, how it is done,



2 cups of milk

2 medium eggs

2 cups of all purpose flour (about)

pinch of salt

vanilla sugar (optional)


426g of Farmers cheese (2 packages)

Sugar to taste ( I usually add about 6 tbsp of brown sugar, but caster will work as well)

2 egg yolks

1 tbsp half&half

Directions of batter preparation:

In a medium bowl whisk together some milk, salt, all flour and eggs.

Add remaining milk gradually, scrape sides and whip to a smooth batter. Look out for bubbles-if you notice that they started to form, reduce the speed.

Meanwhile make the cheese filling…

Directions of filling preparation:

Mash farmers cheese in a bowl, add sugar, vanilla sugar, salt and an 2 egg yolks.

Mix everything.

When the cheese filling is ready start making the crepes.

Grease a pancake pan or frying pan with oil (use a brush, so very little amount of oil will be used).When hot, pour in enough batter and cook on both sides until VERY lightly “browned”. Use a ladle to put the batter in the pan (usually it is 1 medium ladle scoop per crepe). Immediately start moving (and tilting) the crepe pan in a circular motion, expanding the batter into a large round crepe. Once you reach the desired size and shape, let it sit on the stove for few seconds. When you see the edges of the crepe begin to lightly come away from the pan, give the pan a little shake (You can use a spatula to loosen the edges if you need to). When the crepe loosely moves within the pan, give it about 15 seconds and using spatula flip it. Once you flip it, it only needs about another 15-20 seconds on the other side. Slide it onto a plate and make the next. Continue until all the batter is used. The number of crepes will depend on the size of the pan. If you need more crepes, increase the size of the ingredients proportionally.

Spread 2 generous Tbsp of cheese filling on a crepes and fold a hood.

Next, fold the sides. Fold the crepe aaannnddd fold it one more time.

Repeat the same procedure for the rest of the filling and crepes.

Lastly, fry a portion of stuffed crepes from both sides (make sure heat is not too high so you don’t burn them).

Pour some sifted powdered sugar on the very top (optional) and enjoy!

Smacznego! (:











Cheese crepes

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