Stuffed Cabbage (Golabki)

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large head of cabbage

1.2 pounds of ground pork (OR pork mixed with beef OR turkey)

tomato paste

1 stick of margarine (optional)

1 onion

3/4 cup of rice

2 large carrots

salt and pepper



To prepare the stuffing, mix ground pork (or turkey) with cooked rice and shredded sauted onion. Add salt and pepper for flavor. Set the stuffing aside.
Place the head of cabbage in a large pot of slightly salted boiling water. The intent is to soften the cabbage with steam and water in order to peal off individual leafs without tearing them apart. Continue steaming and pealing leafs until your cabbage is almost gone. Do not dispose of the water.
Lower the heat under the pot to a minimum and line the bottom with about half of the sliced carrots and remaining parts of the cabbage head.
Using a knife, carefully remove the thick rib from the center of each leaf without puncturing it.
Spread each individual leaf on hard surface such as a cutting board and place a large spoon of stuffing in the middle. The amount of stuffing really depends on the size of the leaf and personal preference.
Start with the bottom of the leaf
Cover the stuffing by folding the bottom (thick) part of the leaf toward the center.
Next, fold the two sides of the leaf toward the center. Lastly, hold the two sides with your fingers and continue rolling it on to itself. When it is done, place golabki in the pot as well as the remaining sliced carrots. Pour watered-down tomato paste over everything. Add stick (or less) of margarine for extra flavor. Cover the pot and cook on low to medium hit for approximately 1.5 hours.
You can serve golabki with a side of potatoes.

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  • AP  - Jellied Pigs Feet
    For Denny: I found a recipe for you at easterneuropeanfood (link below), but haven't tried making it yet. Sorry I cannot recommend it 100%, but unfortunately my family in Poland never made those.. although it is very popular (till this day).
    Good luck and Merry Christmas!! Feet-Recipe.htm
  • Denny
    Please help.. I'am looking for this Polish recipe for ( Galareta ) gelled pigs feet... Thanks,Merry Christmas Denny
  • Maryann
    Ladies....put the whole hunking cabbage in the microwave....2 mins, peel off soft leaves, back in the micro 1 min, peel off soft leaves, etc. No pot, no mess, no burned hands. I use chicken broth to simmer my cabbage rolls. Do not add extra salt if you use the broth.
  • AnnaP
    Thanks Maryann. I am making golabki today and will try the "microwave" idea. Hope that will work, because the time spent on getting the leaves ready is the only thing stopping me from making them more often.
  • Elke
    Thank you for sharing this with us. These were easy to make with simple ingredients. Tasty.
  • ceanne
    This is a very authentic recipe and very delicious. Tip: You can freeze the cabbage to soften the leaves.
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