Sauerkraut Soup (Kapusniak)

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This is a typical polish winter soup and is very simple to make. You will notice that sauerkraut is a common ingredient in the Polish kitchen.


25g butter
1 bay leaf
4 spare ribs
200g sauerkraut
2 dried mushrooms (soaked overnight)
1 onion (sliced)
1.25 litres water


Heat butter in a small frying pan and fry the spare ribs briskly to seal in their juices. Gently boil the ribs and all the other ingredients in the water for about 30 minutes, stirring occasionally until the sauerkraut softens. Remove the spare ribs and bay leaf, season to taste and serve.

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  • AP  - re:Beet Soup & Cabbage/Sauerkraut soup.
    Traditional, Christmas "Red Borscht" is made from beets. Check this out: icle&id=53&Itemid=154

    As far as the other soup-I am sorry. I do not have the recipe, but I will keep looking for it. If I find it I will be more than happy to email it to you-just send me your email address please. It sounds like it could be different version of kapusniak. Secret family recipe (: You can substitute ribs with pork and definitely add carrots! I substitute ingredients all the time- also in Kapusniak (: I would also add parsley root, parsley greens, onion and tomatoe paste (to the version with fresh cabbage). Mixing fresh cabbage with sauerkraut is aslo common for bigos-polish hunter's stew. Here is the recipe for that: icle&id=46:bigos&catid=36:pork&Itemid=146
    Hope that helps! Best Regards! AP
  • Anonymous  - Saurkraut soup
    Looking for some polish soup recipes like my mother used to make. She put cabbage along with saurkraut in her saurkraut soup with pork, carrots. Have you heard of that? Also looking for a beet soup recipe that we ate warm that had cream in.

    Hello Suburbangrandma (: Thank you for sharing the link to your blog- so many wonderful recipes! We will definitely try some of them. As far as kapusniak recipe's time of boiling... thank you for sending me this! It is a typo! I just hope that, whoever tried to make this one, figured out that the time was too short and kept it boiling (: I will modify it asap. Still not an hour, but definitely NOT 10 minutes (:
    Now, after reminding myself of this awesome soup I want to make one this weekend!
  • suburbangrandma  - Kapusniak
    I just found your blog, and read the Kapusniak recipe, since I love this soup during winter time, and for Easter. I am puzzled about the short cooking time of 10 minutes....I usually cook my soup close to an hour, as in my post:
    Is this a typo? If not, how can the ribs fully cook in such a short time?
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